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Topic-icon R60/5 carb replacement

4 months 4 days ago - 4 months 4 days ago #4448 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic R60/5 carb replacement

8053 wrote: Rocky Point Cycles, at that time, sold the kit that contained all the parts needed, so you would get new throttle cables and intake boots to go with it.

8053's comment struck another chord..... cables. While finding spare throttle cables on the open road for stock R60 might be fairly tough, finding spares for a non-OEM setup is going to be 10X worse !! You can ease this pain by taking the new cables, pulling the inner cable all the way to one end, and then measuring the distance the inner cable protrudes from the outer sheath. Make that measurement and record it in your owner's manual. Then most any throttle cable from a Yamaha or Suzuki will work in a jam, as long as the exposed distance is similar.

Just an idea.

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