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9 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #4146 by 2250
Brembo rear caliper @ 78S was created by 2250
Gott in Himmel! "Iti" brakes on a Kraut machine?

Spooned on a new rear tar. Squeaky cleaned the hub and ring gear. Carefully applied just the right amount of super-sticky green goo onto the gears. Decided the FA18 pads were done the fun begins! A lot of indie shops here in Portlandia don't carry the old parts anymore, hence some FA 18's were on a dusty back shelf. I bought the remaining inventory at 80's prices....Woo hoo! Removing the old required popping out that dumb double curly retaining clip....A fine looking sensuous clip if ever was, as was the graceful looking caliper itself. Fine Italian craftsmanship! Not much bother slipping the new pads in, but seating that clip correctly is!

UPDATE!!!! OCT 2018


Flush the brake lines and reservoir if needed.
Bleed enough from calipers until you have some resistance (pressure) in the levers.
Close the bleeder valves
Top off the MC
Pull in the front brake lever and Zip- tie it to the handlebar.
Push down rear brake arm, and wedge a chunk o' wood between the footpeg to keep it down.
Go have a suitable beverage. Do your thing. Wait 24 hours.
Remove the impediments you've installed.
You now have brakes, all pressured up nicely.
It's "magic"

Actually, under pressure, the tiny air bubbles in the fluid rise to the top of the MC, and dissipate after about a day.


((Yeah, it works, and you have a little more back brake, but not enough! The procedure above works every time, and you don't have to remove the wheel, or that damn rear caliper.))

I had forgotten the "trick" on renewing and bleeding the r. caliper, though. It was a cursed job. So I read up on it again. There are 17 different forums going on and on about bleeding rear Brembo calipers....I tried them all. Standing on my head. Facing Mecca. Hopping on one foot. Eye drops. Nose drops. Tear drops. Nothing but air. Bubble bubble bubble.....

Then I rem'd "the trick!" I had written my own notes in the repair manual...

"Wheel side. Bleeder valve down and vertical".

Easy stuff once you get the right mojo workin'.

ADDENDUM: Yeah but not QUITE the true mojo.(See above)
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