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Topic-icon My first airhead, has sat for 10 years, what to do before starting

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9 months 2 weeks ago #4092 by Aspr
Hello all, New airhead owner here, with a few questions. Im going to also use this as an introduction(if that is against the rules please let me know). Samuel from stockdale, Tx(1 hr east-south-east from san antonio). Young guy, 26. not new to motorcycles, have been riding for about 20 years, dirt and street, I can hold my own with a wrench. i previously owned a 96 r1100rt, but new to airheads.I recently purchased a 1976 R60/6. from a close friend for $500. with title. Its a Non U.S. model, that is the story anyways. it was a Nigerian police bike. kmh speedo. numbers matching frame and engine with a rickman fairing. the previous owner said that is has R80 cylinders on it, the cylinders has 80 cast in them on the top side. the bike was last registered in 2008. dead battery, flat tires, dirty tank and dusty carbs. came with some spare parts including float needles, carb gaskets, a few small wiring harnesses, oil and air filters, left lower fork leg from a disk brake bike, dual disk mag front wheel, under tank m/c for brake, one spare unused points assembly and spark plugs. has 3000km since last valve adjustment according to p.o. Besides fresh fluids, cleaning tank and carbs what do i need to check before trying to fire the bike? it needs a clutch cable, probably throttle cable(sticks), fuel tubing and tires. the clutch and brake switch wires at the handle bars have broken(solder or source new?0 and im not sure how the small side covers attach. I plan on trying electrolytic rust removal to clean the tank, and I have tank sealer from another project I never used. is that acceptable or is there another way i should clean the tank? the bike turns over via turning rear wheel with plugs removed. with plugs in it has strong compression. I did a search and did not find a bringing out of storage thread. i have plenty of photos. I have joined the airlist, but wanted to pay for membership here and post my newbie questions here, instead of mucking up the airlist. I am not a sensitive guy, so if i say, ask or do something stupid feel free to call me out. I have dreamed of an airhead for years, this fell into my lap. I have only removed the fairing, pulled plugs and removed float bowls, I did not want to take a wrench to anything major without advice. I look foward to meeting members close by soon and far off members soon. will have a 30x40" workshop built on the ranch soon and will be more than willing to host a techday.

Samuel Hastings ABC #16441

1976 R60/6 ABC #16441

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9 months 2 weeks ago #4094 by 8053
If it were my job to get the motor running , I would;

1)Drain the motor oil and put in fresh oil with an API service rating of SG , and change the filter.
2) New battery.
3)Flush the fuel tank, replace the fuel lines (you probably ought to include in-line fuel filters at this time), then put in about a gallon of alcohol free gasoline. Open the fuel taps to reserve and let the carbs soak up some fresh gasoline. I would also drop the float bowls and spray the innards with carb cleaner. Use the little straw to fire bursts of cleaner upwards in to the bottom of the jet stack. Note the color of the floats. The lighter the better.
4) Remove the spark plugs to defeat compression and ground the plug shanks against the motor so you can see the gaps.
5) Spin the motor to check for spark at the gaps and circulate the fresh motor oil inside the motor.
6) If you can see spark at both spark plugs, put them back in the heads and let 'er rip.

Let us know how it turns out. If the bike starts and runs, do not let it sit and idle too long.

James Strickland, IL. Airmarshal

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9 months 1 week ago #4108 by Wobbly
James made great suggestions.

I can only add....
• The fuel tanks were originally coated to prevent rust with a red coating. Be careful not to interpret everything coming out of the tank that's red as rust.

• Ethanol fuels are your worst fear. They will leave a brown-ish varnish on everything the fuel touches, and most of these places can't be cleaned in the normal process. Most of the common modern fuel cleaners are too harsh for these fuel systems. I highly recommend... 1) the use of high test fuel from a name brand supplier that advertises the addition of "fuel cleaners", 2) the use of a cleaner called "StarTron", 3) research....

Welcome to the Club !!

Don't hide 'em, Ride 'em !!

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