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Bret wrote: By the way, just joking on the long forks. This ain't 1969 and I ain't Captain America.

That's OK, I'm not Jack Nicholson ! :P

• You need the correct height windscreen. I've been very happy with 2 screens from Clearview. Be sure and pay the slight extra fee for the "re-curved edge" which makes the shield direct air as if the shield was higher than it physically is. You want to look over the top of the shield, not through it, so you won't need their highest shield.

• Putting any kind of "edge protector" on the top edge of the windscreen breaks the air flow patterns coming off the windscreen and will reduce wind noise and head buffeting. At one time there was a company that sold a special shaped piece for $15/ft, but ANY shape will work. Here's some on Amazon

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