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6 months 3 weeks ago #3457 by 12545
Windshield Question was created by 12545
My wife has a '72 R75/5 Toaster Tank model (SWB) that we would like to mount a small windshield to take some of the pressure off her head and chest as she rides at speed. Have tried a small handle bar mounted screen, but wind pressure simply pushed the shield back into a laid down position. No amount of tightening the handle bar clamps would apply enough clamping force to prevent the shield from being blown back. Does anyone have any experience in something like this? Would an "S" type faring work? Probably look too funny, even if it would work. Something like a "fly screen" just slightly larger than the head light might work but not sure of mounting. Did see a windshield/fly screen that mounts to the fork tubes on Dennis Kirk's web site. Sounds like a good idea. But...
Any suggestions?
Sam Creasman
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6 months 3 weeks ago - 6 months 3 weeks ago #3458 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic Windshield Question
I'd suggest you look at the Givi line of windscreens. Givi products are well made and generally a cut above the normal me-too type motorcycle accessories. The designs show a lot of style that your wife would probably appreciate. Something like the Givi Universal might suit her just fine.

I wonder if you're mounting the screen too high. The top of the screen should be no higher than the rider's chin, and in lots of cases much lower. (The wonderful S and RS screens terminate at heart level.) The rider looks over the screen, not through. That's all it takes to remove the buffeting from the chest area, which is what tires the rider. If her head is being tossed around by turbulence, then lower the screen. Even with the screen that low, she'll stay dry. If the screen gets too high, then she'll roast this summer. Givi products will come with much better instructions than I could ever give you here !

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6 months 1 week ago - 6 months 1 week ago #3513 by 8053
Replied by 8053 on topic Windshield Question
I have a "Memphis Shades, Hellcat" windshield for my R75/5. It is a gradient blue which jives with the original Monza blue of the bike, but they can be had in an array of colors. The mounts are very robust and hold it right where I want it. I swap it out with a paint matched Wixom Ranger handle bar fairing that is modified to use the Memphis mounts.

If you are experiencing rotation of the bar in the clamps from wind pressure, you might want to consider making shims for the risers to pinch the handlebar a little tighter.

James Strickland, IL. Airmarshal
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6 months 1 week ago #3514 by 12545
Replied by 12545 on topic Windshield Question
Thanks for the suggestion James. I will try the Memphis Shades, Hellcat model.

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5 months 3 days ago #3638 by 15087
Replied by 15087 on topic Windshield Question
I have a similar Memphis Shades model with handlebar mount, the bar clamps would hold up to about 60mph but even with shims it would rotate in. A heavy black zip tie on each rod [between clamp and screen] down around the triple tree cured that issue.

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4 months 5 days ago #3747 by Bret
Replied by Bret on topic Windshield Question
This sounds like something you might want to pursue.

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