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Topic-icon H4 Headlight replacement BIGGERish AND BRIGHTER

8 months 3 weeks ago #3133 by 13139
Hey so I ride my motorcycle at night...some people gasp...OH no Its dark and scary, people cant see you, you cant see anything!

Well not anymore..I got a replacement light for the standard H4 Headlight...its pretty much my favorite upgrade for the bike yet. IE racks, seats bars etc.

Lights are very important. MOST importantly TO BE SEEN, not just to see them ..

There are a lot of sources out there all the way from China on Ebay, or you can use Amazon or even some of the motorcycle sites like RevZilla.
The ones on Revzilla are crazy money like 80 dollars for one light...yeesh.
I found a compromise around 15 dollars and free shipping on Amazon. And it shipped from the continent of US not mainland China and wait 4-6 weeks...

Well I can really tell even during the daytime people in oncoming and infront of me don't like the headlight now...Shazam! THEY can SEE ME! Goal Accomplished.

The installation took a few minutes of getting the correct orientation of the adapter plate that comes with the light.

For all those who don't know, most of the airheads have a single screw that holds on the rim of the globe to the lamp base. it uses a tension lock assembly much like those on the hose clamps.

The way to take it off is take the apropriate screwdriver and find the magic screw (mine was on bottom) and start turning the lefty loosey, (be careful taking apart, glass is heavy and fragile) Once globe is off, figure out which way the lamp is attached, (there is usually a spring wire clamp holding it down) Once you have the lightbulb wire detached remember the orientation of the bulb, important for re-installing the new light.
Find the correct size of the adapter plate (mine came with about 4 different sizes etc) I had to plug the light in the socket and then lock the spring wire around it and then add the plate afterward other wise it would not click into place right. it took a few minutes to get it just right, and I don't doubt the way I did it may be different for you.

In the box: Light and several adapter plates. Each light fixture has slightly less exact fitment...the extra plates made it handy for all the possibilities...

Picture time. Show and tell
I cant show you the actual results of the difference in brightness, but the effect is pretty awesome. And yes there is a High/Low beam difference


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8 months 3 weeks ago #3134 by Wobbly
Looks like the Cyron LED H4 replacement I've been running. It's like 3000 lumens or something. It's brighter and draws ~20W less than the stock 65W bulb.

It works really well with the sub-reflector type German headlamp. I've been running mine on a "headlamp modulator" for about a year now and it doesn't seem to mind at all.

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8 months 2 weeks ago #3165 by colin
is there a led headlight bulb for the stock /5 bucket? what about a lens, reflector replacement? anyone done a successful upgrade on the /5 model?

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8 months 2 weeks ago #3168 by 13139
this h4 headlight is the one im talking about, the reflector does NOT have to be replaced on most of these headlights as Very little has changed on the assembly of the headlamp bucket and lens...

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8 months 1 week ago #3179 by 8244
I have heard enough about these LED inserts not being a good match for the reflector, that I'm considering going whole hog with a JW Speaker 8700 Evo II. Every review I have seen says that it is the top of the line of the many choices out there. It's wicked expensive, but the first time I spot a moose with it at night, it will have paid for itself! I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain!


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8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #3197 by Wobbly
Mark -
Some thoughts...
• While the aftermarket LED sealed beam bulb/reflector you mentioned ($495) might be a viable choice for your R65, it should be noted that this is not an option for owners of the 190mm headlamp found on most Airheads.

• I have seen the 7" LED sealed beam made by Truck-Lite ($150) used on several motorcycles (both positive and negative ground) and that particular unit (available through NAPA stores) is quite phenomenal.

Truck-Lite #27270

• Neither of these units provide full-reflector illumination for daytime safety. You'll be depending upon the higher intensity of a small portion of the reflector, versus full illumination of the BMW reflector that the Cyron drop-in H4 solution provides for $16. Just saying.

All the best.

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