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Offered for sale is a high mileage R75/5. I bought the bike in July. In August, a 1985 R80RT became available and I bought that one too. One must go. The R75/5 has at least 122,000 miles. The previous owner had the bike for 30 years. He kept meticulous service records during that time. These folders will go with the bike. It has a National Plexi-fairing III, Kruaser hard panniers, a 2 into 1 exhaust, the original tool kit, euro bars and bar end mirrors, and some interesting modifications. The paint is an aged black re-paint. This bike runs just fine. I have been riding it since I brought it home. It has a clear title in my name. The possibilities are almost limitless for this old workhorse. I had planned to campaign it until this R80RT came to me. That bike could be in play as well. Like I said earlier, one must go. My #1 bike is an original, un-restored R75/5. I will eventually retire it from touring and return it to original outfit. Limited garage space does not allow for 3 bikes.


Strickland, James
1971 R75/51971 R75/51971 R75/51971 R75/51971 R75/51971 R75/5