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1979 R65

I found this bike last year through a friend in Seattle, where it had been stored in a garage since the early 2000's.
It was in pretty rough shape, with layers of grime and oxidation.

Since I have owned the bike, I have cleaned it all up and put fresh paint (code 051)(Helrot) on it, as well as brand new tank and seat cowl emblems.

Other maintenance that I performed:
Rebuilt and balanced the carbs; rebuilt fuel petcock; replaced the steering bearings (I will include the specialty tools from Northwood Airheads (Jeff Trapp)); Installed steel braided brake lines; Installed new battery; Replaced fuel tank (old one was rusty); Repaired seat pan; Replaced seat cover with sturdy hand-stitched leather; Replaced all fluids (engine, trans, shaft, final drive).

I pretty much brought the bike back to its original state and it is now a very reliable and fun bike to ride. I've taken it on a few long rides with absolutely no troubles.

I also have a folder full of maintenance receipts that the former owner had done - including a tranny rebuild and some engine work.

Overall, this bike is now a really good looking example of the classic R65 and it's ready for a new home.


Josh Gardner
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